When you first walk through the door, the aroma of fresh spices and Mediterranean cooking envelopes your senses and draws you into the bustling atmosphere of this iconic Middle Eastern grocery store. With bins of fine grains and exquisite spices, bulk containers of imported olives, nuts, and dried fruits, old fashioned barrels of coffee beans and the simple ticket dispenser from which customers must “take a number” during crowded times – this feels like an old-world place – and it is. Sahadi’s has been doing business in Brooklyn for over 65 years with the original Sahadi’s established in Manhattan in 1898.

Grains and Candies

Originally from Lebanon, the family opened Sahadi’s on Atlantic Avenue in 1948.
Business continues to thrive, with customers filtering in from all boroughs. “Here you’ll find ethnic items that you would not find in the average grocery store,” says Charlie Sahadi. His family works with him at the store which is now three generations strong.

Today the store anchors a historic Middle Eastern commercial enclave that flourishes along Atlantic Avenue between Court and Clinton Streets. This shopping district endures where there are no Middle Eastern residents to speak of. The appeal of Sahadi’s is, and always will be, the quality of their food. From the gourmet chef, to the adventurous home “experimenter”, you will be sure to find the perfect ingredients on Sahadi’s brimming shelves. Grains, beans, spices and many multi-national varieties of olive oils and cheese abound. For those seeking a takeout gourmet meal, over thirty specialty dishes are proudly prepared daily.