After 15 years working professionally in the design world, I Lost My Dog is the creative vision of Creative Director turned CEO James McDonald. A New Yorker his whole life, he was born and raised on Long Island’s Suffolk County and is a proud resident of Brooklyn, New York for 12 years. He graduated from the University of Farmingdale with a degree in Visual Communications and traveled to Europe many times to study art history. His professional career began as intern and freelance designer at Jive Records in Manhattan. Since then he has gone to develop high-end watch design for Kenneth Cole and Freestyle, travel the world for design related meetings and conferences, packaging and display design for many eye-wear manufacturers, album art for various bands and groups, and many other unique design projects along the way. Our love of type, travel, vintage, music, the ocean, sports, and anything weird or different are the inspiration for our designs.

Our growing company is family operated and based in Brooklyn, NY. Our goal is to provide one of a kind products that appeal to a broad demographic: savvy design consumers, those who take pride in where they come from, and those who want to have a lasting memory of where they have been. We accomplish this with good old fashioned American pride in our work and partnership to grow our business with you together. We now employ a small design team and sales reps to achieve our expansion at pop up art shows, our online presence and with retail accounts. Our growing customer list includes over 50 accounts, mostly small boutiques as well as larger national chains. We are happy to provide further info to buyers needing references and credit checks. All of our work is designed and printed in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

About the designs and illustrations:

I've traveled many places and the maps I make are all based on places on I have been and explored. Instead of taking a map and putting its name in the location on or close to its geographic area, I added a new twist. Each letter is different and every town, county, borough, state, or prefecture is all drawn by hand, giving it an original and organic feel. No typefaces are used at any point, resulting in hundreds of hours spent to design my unique cartographic signature. All of my art is registered with the U.S Copyright and carries a unique registration number and certificate. The sizes of all our posters are made to fit common frame sizes and we also use high standards for paper and ink to produce gallery quality giclee prints on an HP z3200 ink jet plotter.

Simply put, its high quality art in a standard size the customer or you can frame affordable and easily.


  • Retail
  • Arts And Crafts
  • Cards And Stationery
  • Housewares