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My name is Jonathan, and when I started Standard Candle Co., it was mainly to focus my energy on a positive and constructive project. I loved the mood created by candlelight, and I wanted to have more of it in my life! Now, I am a full-fledged chandler and lighting candles has become a daily ritual. It is a privilege to be able to share moments with friends and family around a table of burning beeswax. The goal at Standard Candle Co. is to bring this experience to you and your homes.
Our products–all of which are handmade–include both candles and candlesticks. The beeswax candles are categorized by the region of the bees, which effects the color and aroma of the wax. It's pretty amazing what those little insects are capable of producing!
Right now our products are only available online and in weekend markets (check us out on social media to see where we'll be next). However, if you live in Brooklyn or Manhattan and would like your candles hand-delivered, please reach out to us via email:
Why so standard?
In astronomy, the term "standard candle" refers to a star with a known luminosity–in other words, a star we can use as a measuring stick to compare the distance of other stars. One of the core values behind Standard Candle Co. is dependability. We want those who burn our candles to feel confident that they are getting what they pay for–the highest quality wax in the purest form. However, our scope of setting standards extends beyond the product and into the business. Sustainability and responsibility are at the heart of every decision. We need a future where business focuses less on driving down prices and more on raising standards of product quality and ethical practice.

Light a candle–don't just curse the dark.


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