Product designer and artist Alison Uljee Zavracky believes modern furnishings can provide the intrigue that comes from details while still respecting their inherent clean-lined minimalism.

Alison's love of home product design was sparked while working post-college as a rendering artist for Vicente Wolf Associates, a prominent New York City interior design firm. She then earned a masters degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute in 2012, and since then has exhibited her public design work around the world.

Alison refined her aesthetic while working as a CAD Designer for John Boone, Inc., a high-end furniture showroom at the D&D Building, and opened AUZ Design Studio in 2015. At AUZ she offers specialized creative services to interior designers and architects who need help bringing their design concepts to life.

Now, Alison is merging her fine arts training and home product design experience as she introduces her own line of distinctive furniture hardware. Designed to elevate modern furnishings and the spaces they occupy to new heights of artistry, these pieces read as dynamic, sophisticated, and soulful. With each piece, Alison works to forge a visible relationship between true art and utilitarian objects, to enhance already beautiful modern pieces by adding excitement, personality, and uniqueness in the form of sculpturally designed hardware.


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