Sharing and Nurturing the Treasures of New York City's Neighborhoods One Tour at a Time.

Amazing as it is to imagine now, New York Harbor may have once contained half the world’s oysters. Over time, however, many oyster beds died off due to pollution and over-consumption. Learning from this history, Urban Oyster was founded on the belief that, like oysters, the neighborhoods of New York are treasured resources that require nurturing and cultivation in order to survive and flourish. Through dynamic hands-on tour and event experiences, Urban Oyster aims to connect people to the local treasures of this great city, and in doing so, promote an appreciation for the neighborhoods we inherit. Our Tours and Events explore how we can live in neighborhoods today in ways that support and value local production and consumption, cultural diversity, historic preservation, and sustainability for the benefit of generations to come. We hope you'll join us for a tour or event!


  • Private Tours and Events Urban Oyster offers a range of private group experiences for corporate groups, birthday parties, alumni groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more.
  • NYC Tours Fun and unique walking tours of New York City! Discover the people and places that make our neighborhoods vibrant, diverse, and sustainable.


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