Sometimes the best way to find out what your next step is ... is to rise to the cream of the crop in your profession. That is exactly what happened with home builder Tim Jackson. After working with several builders, including a custom homebuilder, Tim Jackson enjoyed the home creation process enough to venture out with his own brand. That was in 1996. Fast forward almost 20 years and he is still building one-of-a-kind, gorgeous custom homes.

“I enjoy working with the client directly,” Jackson said. “We start with the customer, then our architect and from there we build their dream home.” Of course, there’s more to the process than that, Jackson elaborated. “It’s important to take a team approach,” he said. He has a staff that works like a well-oiled machine, keeping projects on track with exceptional communication. “Everyone has access to the same information,” Jackson said. “That’s how we keep our homes on schedule.”

“I think the key thing that sets me apart from my competition is that I insist on ALWAYS being the point person for my customers.” To do that, Jackson only takes on four or five projects at a time, seeing them from conception to completion.

Being a small custom home builder isn’t without its challenges. Many builders work hard to cut costs. For Jackson, though, satisfying his customer is the first priority. “More and more production builders are squeezing into our price points, so it’s crucial to build those relationships and deliver a high quality product.”

With more than 30 years of experience in the homebuilding business, Jackson has been keen to spot trends. He’s finding that customers are still in love with stone facades and Mediterranean design, but Santa Barbara-style homes with stucco exteriors are on the rise. “Interior lines are cleaner,” he notes, and homeowners are preferring a “transitional” style.

But something you can’t ignore these days is the ecological footprint of a new home. Tim Jackson Custom Homes is working to make even the most opulent mansions hum like a Tesla. “One of the most important things we do in our homes is full encapsulated foam insulation,” Jackson said. “The cost savings are significant for homeowners.” The attic temperature is only about 10 degrees off from the interior of the home, Jackson added. Compare that with a home with conventional blown-in fiberglass and on a typical summer day, the attic can reach upwards of 130 degrees.

Jackson said his company also pays attention to the unique terrain of North Texas and the challenges it poses for foundations. “We do site-specific soil test to make sure the foundation is perfect for the building site,” he said.

“And as our lives have become more technologically enhanced,” Jackson said, “our homes have to get smarter, too.” His custom homes are equipped with a structured wiring system, but this builder believes homes are going to go completely wireless in the not-so-distant future.

This forward-thinking custom homebuilder is an expert in his business, which is why his company works mostly off of word-of-mouth advertising. “Our referrals are based on the experience our customers have with us during the construction process,” Jackson said. “I’m very proud of the homes that we build and we treat our customers as we would like to be treated because they are our best salesmen.” This is evident with many satisfied clients, as well as the numerous awards won by Tim Jackson Custom Homes over the years.


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