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Handcrafted Moroccan Tile

For Mosaic House, eco-friendly practices are nothing new. Informed by centuries of tradition, Mosaic House uses locally sourced materials for our line of zellij tile. The softness and warmth of the clays local to the Fes and Meknes regions of Morocco have provided the basis for our mosaic for generations. To achieve our brilliant colors, naturally occurring minerals and pigments are applied by hand. We believe that this time honored process is the only way to achieve the rich depth of color for which we are known. Our commitment to green solutions extends to the manufacturing process as well. Dried in the warm sun according to the seasons, our tile is finally ready to be fired. Our kilns, hand built of clay bricks and straw, require no fossil fuels to operate as they are fired by recycled wood shavings, dried wilted leaves, and the remnants of olive pits and skin recycled after the oil extraction process. All shaping and assembly is done by hand using local craftsman. Even our tools are forged by local blacksmiths!