Recycled Brooklyn


    We are Matt and Steve Loftice, brothers who can’t seem to shake free of one another no matter how hard we try. We were born in New York but raised in Colorado, Steve came back to the city in 2000 to pursue an advertising career and I followed suit about a year later. We did our best to stay away from one another as we kicked around the city but like all things inevitable and redundant, it happened again — we each chose the leafy suburbs over the hustle and bustle and settled in North Brooklyn neighborhoods, not more than a few subway stops between us. While we have vastly different interests and tastes in design, we’ve always shared the common belief that indirectly led to the founding of our shop, RecycledBrooklyn — with more than enough usable material already in circulation, there’s really no reason not to put something old to new use. That was certainly the case when a mutual friend asked us to build her a desk, something we did using an old door and some discarded pipe. We’d each been furnishing our homes with items we’d built ourselves for years but once we started designing and building for friends, turning it into a business didn’t seem quite so far-fetched. I guess it doesn’t hurt when someone walks into your apartment and gushes over something you’ve built using little more than a hammer and some old lumber, then asks you to build one for them and one for their brother and maybe, if you’re not too busy, one for a wedding that’s coming up in a few weeks. Anyway… What started as a conversation in Steve’s kitchen has quickly grown to become a full-scale design and fabrication shop. We work mostly with salvaged fir floor beams and recycled iron but we’re always on the lookout for the perfect old door.


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